Fire Safety Training: What To Expect

We say it all the time – a fire extinguisher is the first line of defense against a small fire – but only if you and your staff know how to use one.  

As a full-service life safety partner, Kistler O’Brien Fire Protection knows its responsibility goes beyond installing and servicing life safety equipment. KOB’s services extend to education and on-going training for its customers to ensure their workplaces are even safer by preparing workforces with critical life safety knowledge. 

Kistler O’Brien’s robust Fire Safety Training program has grown over the years and currently features five different offerings: Indoor Classroom Training, Indoor Simulator Training, Outdoor Live Burn Training, Outdoor Live Flame Bullex Training, and Live Virtual Fire Training. 

The variety of training classes offer customers the option to choose one that best fits their needs. Our certified fire trainers can educate and train your employees in the proper handling of extinguishers, the activation of manual suppression systems and the management techniques for mass notification systems. 

Which course is the best for your business? Here is what to expect with each offering: 

Indoor Classroom Training: Our Indoor Classroom Training option is a great course for larger groups of employees and for locations without a lot of room outside for more hands-on training. One of our experienced instructors will conduct the class, on-site by using a combination of physical examples, presentations, and hand-outs.

Indoor Simulator Training: The Indoor Simulator Training uses KOB’s state-of-the-art digital projection simulator that can re-create various fire hazards to help educate workforces in a hands-on manner, but in an indoor setting. This cutting-edge technology helps teams learn details of life safety without needing a live fire. 

Outdoor Live Burn Training: The Outdoor Live Burn Training course offers the most authentic, hands-on educational experience for the attendees. KOB’s highly-skilled trainers conduct training using a controlled live burn with accelerants and/or wood materials to allow those in attendance to get hands-on experience of putting out an actual fire.

Live Flame Bullex Training: Another outdoor training option is the Outdoor Live Flame Bullex– this training course can be performed in a company parking lot without any residual mess. The Bullex training is environmentally friendly and considered a controlled, safe flame as KOB’s trainer will be utilizing the Bullex ITS (Intelligent Training System). 

Live Virtual Training: The virtual training option is the newest offering in the KOB Fire Safety Training Program. In today’s new normal, this virtual option is the safest option for a team that is either partly, or completely remote. KOB’s trainer teaches live via a virtual meeting that utilizes video demonstrations and other tools.

For more information, about scheduling the fire safety training course that best first your needs contact us today!