Kistler O' Brien Fire Protection
Amerex 5LB ABC Fire Extinguisher

Our mission is to advance life safety in the workplace.

We handle all aspects of fire protection, from consultation to design,
installation, maintenance, testing and inspections.

Kistler O’Brien Technicians Perform System Inspection Maintenance Services

The patience and tenacity of the technicians, to get to the solution, was undeniably unparalleled to those that I have experienced in the industry.

W. Franks

Kistler O’Brien Technicians Perform System Inspection Maintenance Services
ANSUL Commercial Kitchen Suppression System Cylinders

Kitchen Fire Suppression Systems

Kistler O'Brien Fire Protection's factory-trained and certified personnel will install and service kitchen fire suppression systems with 24/7 emergency call-out service. Our goal is to keep your people safe and your equipment running so that you can make your goals. Safeguard your people, avoid downtime and prevent damage to your kitchen equipment with Kistler O'Brien Fire Protection.

Are you in compliance?

Kistler O'Brien Fire Protection will help you select and install the system that best fits your application and business. Already have a system in place? We inspect, service and maintain existing systems to make sure they comply with new code standards. Let us help you develop a plan to get back to code.

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