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Off Road Equipment

Construction, Mining, Excavating Equipment

We can help select the proper fire suppression materials for your heavy equipment, whether it is a couple of machines or a complete fleet of off road vehicles. Our vehicle Fire Suppression Systems lower your fire risk. Vehicle Fire Suppression Systems also make it easier to obtain insurance as well as lower your insurance premiums. Remember, "material change of risk".

Vehicle fire suppression systems can:

  • Prevent costly repairs
  • Keep insurance costs down
  • Reduce downtime after a fire emergency
  • Help prevent serious, and possible life threatening injuries

At Kistler O'Brien, we take great pride in the quality of service we offer. Safety is our number one concern. Our job is to protect your most valuable assets. With our Vehicle Fire Suppression Systems we provide the following:

  • Automatic Detection
  • Single Release and Dual Release Applications
  • Reduced Downtime and Equipment Loss
  • Meets Most Requirements for the Mining, Forestry, and Sanitation Industries
  • Experienced, Factory-Trained Technicians

Vehicle Fire Suppression Systems Vehicle Fire Suppression Systems

Amerex Small Vehicle System Fire Suppression

Our manufacturer Amerex provides the industry by developing a cost efficient fire suppression system designed for small-front engine transit vehicles and is designed for for use with front engine vehicles such as Para-Transit, Airport Shuttle and other small front end applications.


  • Manual Fire Suppression Release on Display Face
  • 1 Hour Battery Back-up Using Standard 9V Battery
  • Audible Trouble and Fire Alarm
  • Vibration Resistant Detection Design
  • Two Heat Detectors and Two Nozzles
  • Rapid Response Heat Detection
  • Rugged and Compact Design
  • Uses Existing Amerex Linear Actuator
  • 10VDC to 30VDC Operating Voltage
  • Internal Relay for Engine Shutdown
  • Low Power Consumption - 60 ma
  • 13.2 Pounds (6kg) of ABC Dry Chemical Power


  • Provides Low Cost Fire Detection and Suppression for Front Engine Vehicles
  • Supervised Circuitry with Zoned LED Alarm Circuitry
  • Provides Fire Suppression Capabilities from -40 degrees F to +150 degrees F
  • Cylinder is Non-Rechargable (discard after any use)
  • One (1) Year Warranty On All Components
  • Latching-Zoned Alarm Indication
  • Push-To-Test Function
Vehicle Fire Suppression Systems Vehicle Fire Suppression Systems