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Fire Alarm and Detection

Offices, Warehouses, Facilities, Campuses, Highrises

Fire alarm and detection systems are an essential component of building and facility safety. When seconds matter and the protection and preservation of your assets are at stake, we are professionals who can help make the selection and installation of the industry's best fire alarm and detection systems part of the success of your business.

A fire alarm system provides audible and visual signals as a result of the operation of manual or automatic fire alarm initiating device like a manual fire alarm, smoke detector, or heat detector. A basic fire detection and alarm system consists of:

  • Control Panel: The center of the system that controls the functions of the system.
  • Initiating Devices: The devices that provide the input to the control panel when they are activated.
  • Notification Appliances: The devices that notify the occupants of a building that there is a fire.
  • Primary and Secondary Power Supplies

Our fire alarm systems include the design, installation, and technical services of a highly trained team. We provide the annual or semi-annual inspections. Kistler O'Brien Fire Protection uses the following manufacturers for fire alarm systems: Siemens, FCI, FireLite, Silent Knight, Radionics, Harington, and Fenwal.

Fire Alarms