KOBe, the Mascot

The Neighborhood’s Friendly Fire Extinguisher

KOBe (Ko-bee) is part of the Kistler O’Brien Fire Protection family! This large fire extinguisher is the official mascot of Kistler O’Brien. He is here to help support and promote life safety in the workplace with you! KOBe is available for special appearances. Please complete the form below to submit your request.


Growing up, KOBe knew he was going to be part of the family business. His path to success was a pretty narrow one– being a fire extinguisher and all. You see, fire extinguishers are groomed to be the best fire extinguishers they can be, because ultimately human lives depend on how well they can Pull, Aim, Squeeze and Sweep. KOBe accepted his fate a long time ago, but he wasn’t satisfied with being any ordinary fire extinguisher mounted on a wall.

His passion for fire protection grew beyond that of his peers, which is how he learned of us, Kistler O’Brien Fire Protection – “the best in the business” – and he made it his initial goal to partner with us. One week in, we all knew KOBe was exactly where he was supposed to be. Yes, in one fell swoop it seemed, KOBe made himself a part of the Kistler O’Brien Family – scoring high fives from the field technicians, trading maintenance tips with our extinguisher shop, dotting I’s and crossing T’s for Headquarters and of course brainstorming for hours with our Marketing and Sales Departments.

With a Team Member like this, Kistler O’Brien made sure to keep KOBe nice and shiny, not to mention up to code, and now? He finally gets to share his joy and expertise for life safety with the community and Kistler O’Brien’s valued customers. His family and friends are so proud! They love to see KOBe sharing his own experiences and helping humans keep their businesses, their employees and their properties safe from harm’s way. He has a saying – that his work makes your work safer. So, if KOBe has the smallest effect on keeping your employees and your property more protected than they otherwise would be, what could be better than that?




Interested in having KOBe at your special event? He is excited to help promote life safety in the workplace with you! Click the button below to submit your request. Appearance charges may apply. Rates will be provided upon request.